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Musical Surprises

Catching Cultures Orchestra provides a musical platform to make music with refugees in Dutch society and offers people with different cultural backgrounds the opportunity to make music in interaction with a diverse audience. Our pillars are musical curiosity and social involvement. We use Art and Culture as a means for social inclusion and activation. Diversity is recognized and there is room for everyone’s unique identity, style, opinion and individuality

Catching Cultures Orchestra aims to reach a diverse an audience as possible and create a multitude of musical collaborations. For that reason we make our own productions for stages and festivals.

We organize meetings and activities in neighbourhoods as well as in the so called Asylum Seekers’ Centres (AZC) in Utrecht. Catching Cultures Orchestra organizes public orchestral rehearsals and play-along evenings in the AZC’s. Making and experiencing music together or just coming to listen can break the isolation and the grind of staying in an AZC and gives all residents of the neighbourhood  the opportunity to meet the newcomers and each other.

The chance to make music together and the possibility to share and develop music from different cultures, gives refugees the chance to build a future in the Netherlands. Making music is a great way to be yourself, develop your talent, have fun together and learn from each other. Music is a means of connecting people no matter how different your background and cultural tradition is.

By making music with refugees, Catching Cultures Orchestra wants to bring music into the hearts of people from all corners of the world.


Catching Cultures Orchestra currently consists of about 25 permanent members, including a core group of 7 refugees. In addition, there is a larger circle of musicians with diverse backgrounds who occasionally play with us.




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